Whilst browsing the Guardian website I was particularly taken back by an image of Tim Andrews taken by Danielle Tunstall. Since having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Tim has embarked on collaborations with many photographers to capture the progression of his illness.

When I first saw this image a big part of me wanted to cry. The image and topic is something very close to me as my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease almost three years ago. I have found it hard to accept that such a thing could happen to my father, and I worry what will happen to him in the future, and how I will react watching him slowly deteriorate.

The image shows Tim holding a bunch of yellow roses, there is some sense of tension in the image, particularly seen in how tight a grip he has on the flowers. This makes me feel as though he is still trying to hold on to what life and happiness he has left in him, more so as they are the strongest colour in the image.

 Andrews is naked in the image, which is common for a lot of images taken in his collaborations, when asked why this was Andrews replied "For me, the nakedness represents a stripping away of layers of identity, and also a sense of freedom that I don’t have to be what anyone expects."

His face has been painted to look like a skull and his skin has been edited to appear as though it is falling apart and decaying quickly, which symbolises the effects the illness has on the patient. Although this image strongly touches upon my biggest worry, it also highlights a more touching and beautiful side to it, as Tim has embraced what he has, and turned it into something positive, which is why this photograph made me think if he can accept what he has, I too should embrace it with a positive attitude…


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